about us

Chile is our passion

We are in love with Chile and we would like the whole world to know about it through the export of healthy and top-quality agriculture products. We supply world-wide markets with the best that our land can offer. Our close and excellent customer service instills the trust and solid relationships we’ve built with our growers and clients.

Our products

We have top quality products

The prune is one of the chilean products that has presence in the largest number of markets worldwide. It´s great popularity relies in the many benefits for the human health when consumed.

Considered to be the “world’s lightest nut”, the chilean walnut is also known as the “golden fruit”.  The global fame of chilean walnuts is due to its magnificent culinary versatility and excellent nutritional contributions.

Worldwide known as the “superfruit”, the chilean cherries are mostly consumed by China, country that imports more than 90% of the national production.

Chile is recognized globally to be the world´s number one grower and exporter of this product. This superfood stands out for its substantial content in vitamins C, E and K.


We look to sell top-quality fruit with competitive prices and low commercialization costs.

¿How do we achieve this?


We bring support to the grower before, during and after the harvest.


We take care of the fruit in the process, achieving high packing yields.

Direct deal

We avoid brokers and agent commissions, dealing directly to the final buyer.


We negotiate competitive process, materials and freight rates.


We sell in competitive prices with diversified sales.


We use technology and certifications to accomplish high quality standards.